Discover the Dreamy World of Silicå: Psychedelic Indie Rock with Post-punk Influences

Are you looking for a new music style that takes you on a dreamy journey? Then you absolutely must get acquainted with Silicå! This Dutch quartet combines psychedelic indie rock with post-punk influences and creates original songs that you won’t forget quickly. Read on to discover more about this talented band and how you can support them.

Silicå needs your help!

Silicå has a unique music style that you don’t hear often. How can you discover this style and why would you want to? In this blog post, we give you some tips on how to discover Silicå’s music and how you can support the band.

Listen to Silicå’s music. Their first catchy demo song “Hitting the Ground” is already online on Soundcloud. By listening to their music, you get an idea of their unique style and sound.

Discover their sources of inspiration. Silicå draws inspiration from different music styles such as shoegaze, post-punk, and indie rock. They have created a certain spotify-playlist for this. By discovering these styles, you get to know how Silicå views music.

Attend their concerts. Silicå loves performing and brings their music to life on stage. By attending their concerts, you can experience their music and show in a new dimension.

Of course you can also donate to Silicå and help them buy equipment, studio time and make merch.

Discover the unique world of Silicå and their psychedelic indie rock with post-punk influences. Listen to their music, discover their sources of inspiration, and attend their concerts to experience their music and show in real life.

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